Clindamycin Intravenous for Adults

Who can administer

May be administered by registered competent doctor or nurse/midwife

Important information

  • Consider intravenous to oral switch as soon as possible as excellent bioavailability (ref 1)
  • The appearance of marked diarrhoea should be regarded as an indication that clindamycin should be discontinued immediately.

Available preparations

Clindamycin 600mg per 4ml ampoule (Fresenius Kabi)

Clindamycin 300mg per 2ml ampoule (Fresenius Kabi)

Dalacin C Phosphate 300mg per 2ml ampoule

Dalacin C Phosphate 600mg per 4ml ampoule


Already in solution

Draw up using a 5 micron filter needle

Dilute further prior to administration

Infusion fluids

Sodium chloride 0.9% or Glucose 5%

Methods of intravenous administration

Intermittent intravenous infusion

  • Add 300mg to 50ml * infusion fluid and administer over at least 10 minutes
  • Add 600mg to 50ml * infusion fluid and administer over at least 20 minutes
  • Add 900mg to 100ml infusion fluid and administer over at least 30 minutes
  • Add 1.2g to 100ml infusion fluid and administer over at least 40 minutes
  • i.e. maximum rate of administration 30mg per minute, maximum concentration 12mg per ml
  • * 50ml volumes: the residual volume in the infusion line must be flushed through at the same rate to avoid significant underdosing

Dose in adults

Usual dose (ref 1)

  • Give 600mg every eight hours

Pelvic inflammatory disease (ref 1)

  • Give 900mg every eight hours

Life-threatening infections

  • Give 1.2g every six hours

Pyelonephritis in pregnancy (penicillin allergy)

  • Give 900mg every eight hours (in combination with other agents- See GAPP)

Peri-tonsillar abscess (where penicillin allergy: immediate or severe delayed reaction)

  • Give 600mg to 900mg every eight hours

Further information

  • The SPC for Dalacin C refers to a maximum concentration for infusion of 18mg/ml, while the Fresenius Kabi generic suggests 12mg/ml. The monograph reflects the 12mg/ml concentration as it will be suitable for either the brand or generic product


  • Store below 250C
  • Do not refrigerate


SPC for Dalacin C Jan 2018

SPC for Fresenius Kabi product August 2018

1. Antimicrobial Prescribing Guidelines for GUH 2018

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